Skosprovider_heritagedata is being developed by the Flanders Heritage Agency.

Since we place a lot of importance on code quality, we expect to have a good amount of code coverage present and run frequent unit tests. All commits and pull requests will be tested with Travis-ci. Code coverage is being monitored with Coveralls.

Locally you can run unit tests by using pytest or tox. Running pytest manually is good for running a distinct set of unit tests. For a full test run, tox is preferred since this can run the unit tests against multiple versions of python.

# Setup for development
$ python develop
# Run unit tests for all environments
$ tox
# No coverage
$ py.test
# Coverage
$ py.test --cov skosprovider_heritagedata --cov-report term-missing tests
# Only run a subset of the tests
$ py.test skosprovider_heritagedata/tests/

Please provide new unit tests to maintain 100% coverage. If you send us a pull request and this build doesn’t function, please correct the issue at hand or let us know why it’s not working.